At Lugardi we live and breathe quality watches. Let us show you why.

About Lugardi

Our story started with a passion for quality watches, a passion that we share with you. Each watch is chosen with love and care because we believe that a luxury watch is timeless, and each tells a story of authenticity and class, ideals we live by at Lugardi. There is nothing quite like a beautifully designed watch, and the pieces we have are made for life when taken care of. Exquisite craftsmanship and style are synonymous with all of the watchmakers whose products we offer you.

So why choose Lugardi?

  • Our watches are sourced from all over the world from some of the finest watchmakers in existence.
  • We are dedicated to adding that personal touch when dealing with you, our orders are attended to personally from shipping to sale.
  • Our products are certified by registered professionals.
  • We do not sell fakes or replicas.
  • Our watches are sold at great prices.

We’re authentic, like our watches

We want our customers to have only the best, this is why we are very careful with our sourcing process. We carefully inspect each watch that we look for, from origin to transfer of ownership. After all, selling watches form some of the most renowned “watchmaking artists” requires a certain finesse.

We pay homage to the rich history of the watchmakers whose products we represent by bringing you some of the finest watches ever made from the likes of:

Lugardi’s Promise

Our watches are in first class condition, from collectables to resale and all come with a warranty and valuation. We bring you masterpieces at great prices, which is why we are trusted by all of our happy clients. After all, we are helping to shape the South African luxury watch market with some of the most exquisite international watch brands.

What are you waiting for?

The experience of buying a watch from Lugardi is unique, something you will never experience in a retail shop. See our attractive offers from watchmakers from all across the world, you are sure to find a watch that completely enthralls you.

Choose from our range of quality watches now.